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Reproducible Data Workflows With Drake by Garrick Aden-Buie

What is this?

Excerpt from blog: drake is an R package that provides a powerful, flexible workflow management tool for reproducible data analysis pipelines. drake alleviates the pain of managing large (and even small) data analyses, speeding up iteration and development while providing reproducibility guarantees that are essential for modern research.

In this session, we’ll learn how to use drake to manage a data analysis workflow by writing functions that define the steps of the analysis. We’ll then learn how drake can keep track of all of these steps, from start to finish, and intelligently update only the outdated steps when your data or code change.

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A Blogdown New Post Workflow with Github and Netlify

By Garrick Aden-Buie

Excerpt from blog: This post presents my workflow for writing new posts for a blogdown website hosted on GitHub and served through Netlify.

Here’s a quick overview of the workflow:

  • Draft the post in a new git branch, using blogdown::serve_site() to preview locally.

  • Push the branch to GitHub and create a pull request.

  • Preview and test the draft post using Netlify’s “deploy preview” feature.

  • Push additional updates to the post branch as needed and review the updated preview.

  • Publish the final draft by merging the pull request to the master branch.

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