Joscelin’s Favorite Packages & Functions

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The goal of grateful is to make it very easy to cite R and the R packages used in any analyses, so that package authors receive their deserved credit. By calling a single function, grateful will scan the project for R packages used and generate a BibTeX file containing all citations for those packages.

grateful can then generate a new document with citations in the desired output format (Word, PDF, HTML, Markdown). These references can be formatted for a specific journal, so that we can just paste them directly into our manuscript or report.

This a package developed by David Robinson, Julia Siege and Kanishka Misra that un-tidys the dataset into a wide matrix, performs some processing, then re-tidys the dataset. This package wraps the pattern of un-tidying data into a wide matrix, performing some processing, then turning it back into a tidy form. This is useful for several mathematical operations such as co-occurrence counts, correlations, or clustering that are best done on a wide matrix. 1. Link to repo here:

*** What I like to use if I want a list of all packages with an asterisk if I have them in this script: library(sessioninfo)

session_info(pkgs="!loaded", to_file = TRUE)

** What I like to use for reports and sharing scripts:

session_info(pkgs="!attached", to_file = TRUE)