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Extending R Markdown

By Meghan Hall

Added Sat Dec, 11, 2021
What is it?
Excerpt from site: “R Markdown is a powerful yet underutilized tool for a powerful yet underutilized component of data science—communicating your work. R Markdown works seamlessly with other analytic work in R and knowing the basics allows you to extend that knowledge into producing PDFs, slides, websites, and more”.

  1. Link to blog here: https://meghan.rbind.io/talk/rstudio/
  2. Link to slides here: https://meghan.rbind.io/slides/RStudio/Hall_RStudio_2021.html#1
  3. Link to video here: https://community.rstudio.com/t/recording-of-r-in-sports-analytics-rstudio-enterprise-community-meetup/107551
  4. Link to Github repo and code: https://github.com/meghall06/personal-website/blob/master/static/slides/RStudio/Hall_RStudio_2021.Rmd

R-Markdown Table generator

What is this?
Table generator to add to R-Markdown

  1. Link to web-tool here: https://www.tablesgenerator.com/markdown_tables

Writing Reproducible Research Papers with R Markdown

By Resul Umit

Added Sun June 6th, 2021

What is this?

Excerpt from site: Workshop about Writing Reproducible Research Papers with R Markdown. Two days, on how to write reproducible research papers with R Markdown on November 2020.

200+ slides, 40+ exercises, and time for converting a real project 1. Link to slides: https://resulumit.com/teaching/rmd_workshop#1

  1. Link to other workshops:
    1. Version Control and Collaboration with Git and GitHub by Resul Umit on March 2021
    2. Automated Web Scraping with R by Resul Umit on May 2021
    3. Creating Academic Websites with R by Resul Umit on April 2021
    4. Working with Twitter Data in R by Resul Umit on February 2021