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How to write your own R package and publish it on CRAN

By Cosima Meyer

Added Fri Apr 28th, 2023

What is this?
Excerpt from site: While there exist many great resources for learning how to write a package in R, we found it difficult to find one all-encompassing guide that is also easily accessible for beginners. This tutorial seeks to close this gap: we will provide you with a step-by-step guide — seasoned with new and helpful packages that are also inspired by presentations at the recent virtual European R Users Meeting e-Rum 2020.

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R package primer a minimal tutorial

By Karl Broman

What is this?

Minimal tutorial about how to write your very own R package.

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Writing an R package from scratch

By Hilary Parker

What is this?

Excerpt from blog: This tutorial is not about making a beautiful, perfect R package. This tutorial is about creating a bare-minimum R package so that you don’t have to keep thinking to yourself, “I really should just make an R package with these functions so I don’t have to keep copy/pasting them like a goddamn luddite.” Seriously, it doesn’t have to be about sharing your code (although that is an added benefit!). It is about saving yourself time. (n.b. this is my attitude about all reproducibility)

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