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Here I added resources aimed exclusively for other people who are teaching R.

How I Teach R Markdown

By Alison Hill

What is it?

Excerpt from blog: So without further ado, here are some of my guiding principles when introducing R Markdown to beginners, for those who are ready to go beyond casual knitter:

  1. Link to blog: https://alison.rbind.io/post/2020-05-28-how-i-teach-r-markdown/

How to prepare and teach an R lesson

By Monica Thieu

What is it?

Excerpt from blog: This blog post contains a written version of my speaker notes for my 20-minute 2020 NYC R conference talk. Since the talk time is on the shorter side, I trimmed a few things out of the talk that I would have liked to include with more time. The speaker notes for the unabridged version are included here for your reference.

  1. Link to blog: https://www.monicathieu.com/posts/2020-08-15-prepare-teach-r-lesson/

Sharing on Short Notice_How to get your teaching materials online with R Markdown

By Desirée De Leon & Alison Hill

What is it?

Now that many of us have to move to online platforms, this is a wonderful resource that walks you through on how you can use rMarkdown to upload your class materials.

  1. Link to site here: https://rstudio-education.github.io/sharing-short-notice/#1