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Make your slides extra special💯

By Garrick Aden‑Buie

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Fun slides walking you through how to can make your slides made through xaringan a little more fun!

  1. Slides link here:

PowerPoint presentations generation Vignettes

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Excerpt from vignette: Use the function read_pptx() to create an R object representing a PowerPoint document. The initial PowerPoint file can be specified with the path argument. If none is provided, this file will be an empty document located in the package directory. Formats and available slide layouts will be those available in the template file. The content of original document is also preserved (but can be manipulated, i.e. delete a slide).

  1. Link to vignette here:

Sharing Your xaringan Slides

By Garrick Aden-Buie

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Excerpt from blog: Showcase your presentations in style with great-looking social media cards and responsive, seamlessly embedded slides in web pages.

1. Link to blog here:

The Ultimate Infinite Moon Reader for xaringan Slides

By Yihui Xie

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Excerpt from site: Instant preview without fully rebuilding HTML, and the linked navigation.

  1. Link to site here:

XaringanExtra: See slides as tiles & more

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if you use xaringan: install {xaringanExtra} and add this chunk to the beginning of your slides to get this nifty tile overview! (press “o” to see it: xaringanExtra::use)_xaringan_extra(c(“title_view”)

  1. Link to package repo here:
  2. Link to see slides as tiles here:
  3. Link to make slides editable here:
  4. Link to add a share bar to slides here:
  5. Link to add sound when changing slides (requested by blind R user):

xaringan Tip: Add A Logo to All of Your Slides

By Garrick Aden‑Buie

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Excerpt from blog: Here’s a quick tip to help solve a common xaringan problem: adding a logo to all of your slides.

  1. Link to blog here:
  2. Template repo here: