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How to perform a Bayesian meta-analysis

By Dan Quintana

Added Thu April 1th, 2021

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Excerpt from site: Bayesian meta-analysis is uncommon, probably due to a historical lack of accessible software options for performing these tests. So in this post I’m going to outline the benefits of Bayesian meta-analysis and a step-by-step guide (with code) on to perform one using the relatively new “RoBMA” R package.

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Workshop: A Practical Guide for Meta-Analyses in R

By Constantin Yves Plessen

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Excerpt from site: This blogpost is an adaption from my 90 minute workshop on all basic steps in conducting a meta-analysis in R. The audience of the original workshop were graduate psychology students at the University of Vienna with a focus on research methods. Most statistical and methodical elements were already discussed, yet the implementation in R was new to all of them. And programming in general was new to most of them. I therefore introduced R very shortly, before explaining the actual meta-analytical analyses more briefly. I added some explanations and references to make the file more self-explanatory for independent study. Therefore, this post also contains materials and references on how to install R, R Studio, and some basic concepts of programming.

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