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12 Months of aRt

By Will Chase

What is this?

Excerpt from READme: This is the repository for my 12 Months of aRt project. Each month of 2019 I tackle a new generative/data art project. All of this work is done with R. Read more about it in my project intro blog post. There is a folder for each month that contains all of the code and art along with a readme to explain how to use the scripts. Each month also has an accompanying blog post which you can find below that explains the process and shows off many of the art pieces.

  1. Link to repo here:
  2. Link to blog from January here:
  3. Link to blog from February here:
  4. Link to blog from March here:
  5. Link to blog from April here:
  6. Link to blog from May here:
  7. Link to blog from June here:
  8. Link to blog from July here:
  9. Link to blog from August here:
  10. Link to blog from September here:
  11. Link to blog from October here:
  12. Link to blog from November here:

Frankenstein: Voronoi tesselation example

What is this?
Excerpt from blog: A Voronoi diagram divides a plane based on a set of original points. Each polygon, or Voronoi cell, contains an original point and all that are closer to that point than any other. This is a nice example of a Voronoi tesselation.

  1. Link to blog here: